Tackling Global Problems at their Common Roots

© 2002 by Felix Voirol
What are the most tenacious taboos still left in civilised society today?
– To talk about sex in public? – Long gone!
– Openly discussing certain human diseases? – Not any more!
– Criticising authority at the top? – Not considered subversive outside of a few dictatorships!

Unfortunately, the most enduring and stubborn taboos are those involving the main culprits of major world crises, namely
Taboo Nr. 1: The Population Explosion

Dare to mention the fact that world population has gone beyond reasonable limits, and you risk being branded as a racist undermining the third world's progress.

Taboo Nr. 2: Misguided Religion
Venture to point out that many religions are more effective in perpetuating misery and ethnic conflicts than in providing comfort for “life” after death. Openly criticise their obstructing any efforts to relieve the population pressure, and you make yourself an outcast of society.
Present crises are part of a hierarchic structure within which they can be seen as secondary or tertiary consequences to the global primary, which is