Old terms, that are newly presented in the Spirit-Teaching and have a meaning and interpretation that is more accurate than what is generally the case with the common meaning in the present day language, show precisely for the first time what meaning is to be truly understood by them. What becomes evident especially in regards to the German language is that it is it not possible for it to be translated exactly and completely into another language to the extent that the exact meaning is conveyed. Truthfully, a translation capturing the general meaning from German into another language can occur only partially and through rephrasing, however, never in a complete and precise manner. The reason for this is the great many words and terms in the German language which specifically describe and convey very accurately definite values which are not found in other languages due to their poor vocabulary; whereby these languages are to be referred to as meagre languages in comparison to the German language. From this alone, that the German language has for many things very clear, appropriate and precise terms which are lacking in all the other known earthly languages, misunderstandings arise, which is also one of the most important reasons why in regards to the translation of every FIGU-writing that deals with Spirit-Teaching themes or with every book with Spirit-Teaching content, the original German text must be given along with the translation.