In the “OM” and in an excerpt from the “OM“ in the booklet “49 Questions” it is written that only the Creation is worthy of worship (verehrungswürdig) and adoration (anbetungswürdig), but in contrast to this, it states in “FIGU in a Nutshell” point 4, that the Creation should not be worshipped or venerated. A person tried to explain to me that this results in a contradiction.
Schantz Scott, USA

This does not deal with a contradiction but rather an obvious lack of understanding of the facts of the true meaning of the words by a person who has not worked with the Spirit-Teaching (Geisteslehre) and its old style of writing; consequently this person is not familiar with this field and judges only according to popular and religious meanings without understanding the fundamental meaning of the terms. The old meaning of the German words as used in the “OM”, as for example “Verehrung” and “Anbetung”, are not the same as what is found today in the common incorrect assessment and interpretation of terms. The content of the “OM” does not date back several millenniums but rather millions of years, and consequently various terms had at that time a completely different meaning as what those same terms have today.