Now what is to be said in regard to the approximately 350,000 kilometres which I, BEAM, had travelled on foot on Earth, is that this statement and figure come from the Plejarens. The calculation for the number of kilometres covered on foot deals with the time period from my earliest childhood (from 1937) when I learned to walk up to the year 1978, thus a time of approximately 40 years. During these 40 years I had therefore travelled approximately 350,000 kilometres on foot and this is, in fact, based on information from the Plejarens who had recorded and had checked every one of my steps. All my steps and walks in Switzerland as well as in 43 countries on Earth in which I worked and in which I travelled as a hitchhiker are included in the calculation. Concerning the information of 3,500,000 kilometres, this was calculated according to the distances I had covered during the 40 years from 1937 to 1978 on foot, and with the use of vehicles of all kinds, ships, riding animals, helicopters, small airplanes and beam-ships. This distance of somewhat more than 3,500,000 kilometres includes the 350,000 kilometres I had travelled on the good Mother Earth and in her airspace, on foot and with all types of earthly transportation means such as vehicles, riding animals, boats and aircraft; the remaining distance of around 3,150,000 kilometres however was covered in the Earth's airspace and in the region of space round the Earth with Sfath, Asket and Semjase in their beam-ships. In addition to this comes the many hundreds of millions of kilometres flown in outer-space beyond the Earth to far beyond the area of the SOL-system with Sfath, Asket, Semjase and Quetzal, but the number of kilometres is just as unknown to me as is the enormous number of light-years to the DAL universe, which I visited in 1975 when I was allowed to go on my great journey with Semjase and her father Ptaah.
Übersetzung: Willem Mondria, Schweiz