Knowing Kal

It seemed the trail of destruction had some more recent history as well. He was gone from the country, in a completely new world in Eastern Europe. I could easily formulate the reasons.
You know a tree by its fruit, it is said. I have over the years caught wind of Kal’s exploits as a writer, UFO debunker and a media personality. I have seen the very real emotional and life damage Kal has done to ruin several good people’s lives by his seemingly destructive and plainly mean tactics with seemingly no empathetic or compassionate sense whatsoever. His sole purpose it seemed was to destroy the lives of people whom he himself judged as wrong. Even if just questionably wrong or just innocently misinformed, no one deserves such caustic and unrelenting poison as Kal continually delivered publicly in books, lectures, media and articles. I sense that Kal has nothing of value for anyone, unfortunately, mostly himself.
For Billy Meier, I would apologize for any harm done in my younger ignorance. And, also thank him for his and his celestial friends, hopeful and positive materials, while if either true or imagined, is still worthy of deep consideration at the very least. It is also, the material we are given, to imagine as true, so we can make it real, even if we are told it is not. For until those who would attempt to squelch such beauty can show us something more, filled with more hope and such good for this life’s dimension, I will continue to face to the warmth and the light. Following and believing my heart, and never another’s angry words.