Knowing Kal

I did not hear from Kal again. I did not have any contact information for him as he had moved, and my friend who was my original contact for him had written Kal off himself and lost contact. I didn’t blame him in the least. So, I eventually cut my losses, and wrote Kal off as an ass, a user and a cad, myself. I did see Kal many years later at a conference I was attending. I did approach him very nicely, more as an old friend, and asked if he had found the art, or had an additional copy of the book for me, but was told he was in a hurry and I could contact him. He treated me like an unimportant fan, and I sensed more than a bit of concern on his part, seeing me at such an inopportune moment. He handed me his card and was off and out the door to another room where he no doubt was pawning his theories on other unsuspecting conference people. That was it. He now had no credibility as a person for me. His character seemed plain, and when I offered a friendly reconnect, my own business card and very nonconfrontative request for my work for a promised copy of the book, was dismissed with less than a friendly apology. He seemed to be building on what I already knew of him. I did sense it was catching up with him however eventually. I did not follow his works, as I don’t like watching tragedy or negative news much, just enough to know the weather, so to speak. More recently I found his works had done much damage to people I might soon be working with.