Knowing Kal

As time passed, I did not hear from Kal. I do not remember much from him in the way of communication, but eventually I did meet with him where he gave me one copy of a spiral bound, well,… book, that indeed had Bill Moore’s as well as Kal Korff’s authorship printed on the cover, was largely typewritten copy with my illustrations and credits, but not the “commercial bound book” I had expected. He told me that Omni Magazine had written a review and stated that as far as the Meier case was concerned, this book was like shooting an ant with an elephant gun. In other words, overkill for what the magazine considered nothing at all important in subject or scope. Typical for a pop science magazine.
That it was actually printed was all fine and good, but I wanted another copy, and, my original art back, of which several airbrushed images of considerable hours of work should have all been returned. Also, later upon glancing through the book I saw that without permission he had used my simple diagrams for how the photos could be faked with the balloon system. The book was out, already reviewed and he did not have another copy for me. Close to four weeks of work and nothing in return, except what looked to the entire world more like a book transcript than an actual book. I think I was stunned, and do not remember the reasons Kal did not have the artwork, as he might have blamed it on the other guy, Bill Moore, or the printer but was assured that he would get the art for me and another copy.