Knowing Kal

I was never paid a dime.
I began the process of illustrating the photos. I remember loving the process, having the photos next to me while I worked, thinking all the time on how such images where even possible. At that time, while I believed in such things as aliens and ships that could transit deep space where likely, I was an ethical person, and the idea that faked contact and or photos and such hoaxed accounts I understood even then, could only dissipate and cloud the UFO issue, and this had me concerned. Blinded somewhat by the fun of the project, and somewhat convinced by Kal’s convincing contentions on Meier, I came up with some rough ideas I thought could work for suspending a large object well away of any tall poll or structure. I don’t think though it was really possible. The concepts where just thoughts on paper however, and, never intended to be included in any final conclusions. I thought about it, as I told Kal I would, and it was the first idea I had. I drew them out, but did not do finished illustrations for them, thinking Kal would only consider them. After a few weeks I had eventually finished several airbrush illustrations based on the actual photos Kal had given me, and with the balloon suspension sketched concepts, gave them all to Kal, thinking the next time I saw him he would be returning the illustrations, and, a couple copies of the book with my credits published beside each illustration. This, however, I found was not to be the case.