Knowing Kal

Film and photographic print work I was already very familiar with, and even a bit of film study in college was part of my wide interests in graphics and illustration.
Kal wanted direct copies of these photos he loaned me, and in black and white airbrushed illustrations, having thought, in his and my own ignorance, that this was somehow legal. At that time, I was only partially aware of the details of copyright law, having only studied enough to protect my own work. As I was not interested in copying others works, had not yet gone deeper into the law, and doing such was then, 20 years before the internet, dependent on a trip to the library or a letter to the Government Copyright Office. And, while I did frequent the library often for research and reading, as well as send away for forms to the Copyright Office in Washington DC, I did not at the time of Kal’s request fully understand or have the legal knowledge to know this. He was at least as ignorant as I was, but knowing his character better now might have believed otherwise. I did become sort of an expert later in such matters, after a few events of being plagiarized myself, unfortunately. Kal also seemed very interested in my ideas of how such fakery could be done. Having a good mechanical reasoning ability, and being the creative person I was, I entertained a few ideas and told him I would think about this. I do not remember being told by Kal how I would be paid other than I would get credit and copies.