Knowing Kal

I was very motivated in the areas of science subjects then. Always infatuated with space science, physics, astronautics and UFOs since a small boy, I absorbed anything and everything to do with the subjects.
That this guy, Kal, who was a bit younger than me, and a bit pompous and over certain, did not bother me, as these facts where obscured in the blind spot of my enthusiasm for the subject, and the possibility of also being published for the work. It was a life lesson ripe for the picking. The photos, while he said “they” (I assumed Bill Moore and NASA people) could not find any overt attempts at fakery, did, according to Kal, show signs of suspension, or supporting strings, through the then early “edge enhancement” and “color enhancement” photos. I could not actually see the evidence, and do not remember the reason he gave for the discrepancy, other than he did not have the evidenced images or that the images he had only showed slight indications I was not seeing. Kal then gave me the images to copy, he said were from this Billy Meier’s original negatives and said that due to copyrights he could not use in his book, and so came to me, knowing through my friend that I was an photographic illustrator. We discussed the need for using the images to demonstrate Kal’s theories and the need also for some concepts of how this was done for the camera, assuming these images where faked. I remember being very impressed by the pure clarity of Meier’s photos.