Who is the person named the Mahdi / Mehdi ...

And a very important point is that he has never claimed to be a prophet, but people around Billy have recognized him as a wise teacher, dedicating his whole life to teaching us human beings, and never asking for anything in return. He has never shown any signs of wanting to promote himself over anyone, and from my personal experience he is one of the humblest and kindest persons I have ever met. Please note that the views expressed in this article are neither of Billy nor that of FIGU. I take full responsibility for all the information written down in this article, and hope that it might give more light towards the case from a different perspective. And as a final note, since this is my first article, I would like to thank the Creation and the Plejarens for helping our development through Billy, and thank you ‹Billy› for not giving up on us. Since I was very young when I first heard about the Mahdi/Mehdi, I could only dream about the day when I could meet this person and hear what he has to say, because I knew already then that there was something wrong which needed some clarifications. About two years after finding out about Billy, I found out while reading the book ‹Einführung in die Meditation› that he had been given the name Mohammed Abdullah.
ZertifikatZertifikatMy eyes filled with tears when I realised that I had actually found him in this lifetime. And since then, I have learned a lot from this wise person, and I hope I will be able to reflect the wisdom I have learned from him to the people that seek it, in the hope that one day his wisdom will bring true peace and freedom to the whole earth and the rest of the universe.

Salome, H. al-Bakr, Irak

PS: The autor speaks German, English and Arabic.