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Many people throughout the world have come up with great solutions to common problems that are just begging to be put into practice. As a matter of fact, the ingenuity of the common people is the most valuable asset of any nation. I've heard better solutions to many of our world and national problems from secretaries, housewives and cleaning ladies than from most politicians. Walt Whitman described the common people with the following words: Genius, «is not best or most in its executives or legislatures, nor in its ambassadors or authors or colleges or churches or parlors, nor even in its newspapers or inventors … but always most in the common people.»

All people have the right to practice self-determination and the responsibility to free themselves from all forms of tyranny so they can go on to accomplish all the things that free and sovereign people have ever dreamed of, such as true freedom, lasting peace and equality for all.

What is Direct Democracy?

Twelve Questions and Answers

(The following questions and answers are from the Direct Democracy Campaign)

Q What is Direct Democracy?

A Direct Democracy is a form of government under which we the people vote directly on many of the issues, unlike the existing Representative Democracy where we basically just vote for a political party to make all the decisions for us.

Q You mean it's about referendums?

A Yes, that's the main bit, although it also encourages people to get more generally involved in running their communities.

Q So what is the Direct Democracy campaign?

A It's a campaign set up to work for direct democracy. It is not tied to any particular political cause or party, and there are many similar groups working for the same thing in other countries around the world.