Gleichheit für alle (engl.)

However, if we as a people choose to ignore our problems or expect other people, like politicians, to solve them for us, we will never overcome them. The people of the United States or any other nation of the world can easily put an end to the inequality they suffer by simply taking control of their own lives and practicing self-governance. The Swiss have been doing this for nearly 150 years now. (See Direct Democracy in Switzerland by Gregory Fossedal at and also

How can we acquire more self-governance? Well, we can start by promoting the organization of people's referendums at all levels of society, so all people can exercise their right to vote on world, national, state and local matters. That way, we the people no longer have to support the activities of political parties or leaders that no longer represent our interests or succumb to the whims of some big business that decides to rationalize jobs in our towns and communities. With people's referendums at world, national, state, county and local levels, we the people - not the politicians - decide whether we as a nation go to war, whether we approve of a particular tax or whether we permit big business to rationalize jobs in our communities. On a global level, we alone decide when and where to send our multinational peace-fighting troops to restore peace in the world (see «World Peace and Multinational Peace-Fighting Troops» by Barbara Harnisch and Billy Meier under ‹Friedenskampftruppen›). The power of a nation will therefore rest in the hands of the people and not the politicians or any other leaders. Our leaders, who must be wise and knowledgeable experts from all walks of life, will only serve in an advisory capacity to educate the population on all issues of concern to the people. They will only be permitted to bring ideas before the people and must then put them into action, once they are voted on.

With the help of people's referendums, we can even put an end to wage inequality. Fair wages for all can be achieved by organizing a nation-wide referendum to vote on this issue. Just think, if we vote for a maximum wage of 120,000 dollars a year in the United States, millions of new jobs can be created, and the wages of all workers can be raised to 50,000 dollars or more a year. This will not only improve the quality of living in America but it will also be a real incentive for all people, young and old, to find work and do their very best on the job. Similar referendums can be organized in all countries of the world. As a matter of fact, if equal wages are established globally, it will quickly put an end to all cheap labor and with it the outsourcing of our jobs and the exploitation of foreign workers.