Gleichheit für alle (engl.)

According to Articles 1 and 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all human beings are equal in dignity and rights, without distinction of any kind. This means that no human being is more valuable or less valuable than another human being, regardless of all differences, such as sex, age, race, belief, education, intelligence, abilities, skills, etc. All people are equal in dignity and worth and are therefore entitled to equal human rights, such as the right to equal treatment and equal respect as a human being, the right to equal opportunities in life, the right to equal education, equal health care, equal housing, equal wages, equal benefits, etc. According to Article 7 of the human-rights declaration, «all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law». This means that the human rights of all people must be equally protected by the law.

As a result of the increasing globalization, driven by profit maximization, combined with a rapidly growing world population and the rationalization of ever more jobs due to the advancement of computer and information technology (see interview with Jeremy Rifkin), the value of a human being in our society diminishes with each passing day, and this global trend is going from bad to worse, as our global birthrate continues to boom, while the job market gradually shrinks. In 1995, 800 million people were unemployed or underemployed worldwide, and in 2001, this number rose to over one billion. How can we stop this global trend and its devastating consequences? Certainly not by ignoring it or pretending it doesn't exist! We have to wake up and face reality. We are dealing with a ticking time bomb called overpopulation that only we can defuse and bring under control, if we start to use the common sense we were born with to develop an effective solution. If we do not reverse this trend and reduce our global population, all other problems we face today, including inequality, will only get worse and eventually become unsolvable. So instead of fighting each other for the last remaining resources on earth, let's tackle this problem with our ingenuity like rational human beings. We can easily do this by introducing a global birth control program, like the 7-year cycle birthrate check mentioned above. Such a measure would be of great help to us in our fight for equality.

Human equality, by the way, also means that no work of any human being is more valuable or less valuable than the work of another human being. All work fulfills an important function in society and is therefore absolutely equal in value. Consequently, the work of every human being is an equally valuable contribution to society, be it the work of a computer specialist at Microsoft or a burger flipper at McDonalds. As a society, we are indebted to specialists like Bill Gates whenever we use a computer and we are equally indebted to our nation's burger flippers whenever we're on the go and need a quick meal.