The Newest In Regard To Matters Of Extraterrestrials...

Ptaah Should further flights take place, although we do not expect any, we would of course inform you. And what has to be said and can only be said again and again and has often been said, regarding contacts between earth humans and foreigners to earth, is that you are the only person in the whole world who is capable of having contacts with us Plejarens and those belonging to our federation. And also in this respect, no other contacts of any kind are taking place between other beings foreign to earth and earth's human beings, because no other beings foreign to earth exist, apart from us, who are operating in this way in earth's space. And no more in conjunction with us has to be said regarding the tissue of lies of the alleged contact persons because the facts tell the whole story.

Billy Yes I know, you have spoken clearly and precisely. Now, something else: Florena told me that you are again cloaking your ships for safety reasons, and that you only let yourselves be seen very rarely - if at all. May I ask you why? Another question regarding your federation: You once said that it stretches over many dimensions or space-time structures, and over 50 million light years. May I ask you, how many different dimensions your federation consists of?

The reasons for the safety precautions are of a kind, which I cannot openly name, but to you, only if you keep silent. If nonetheless our ships are sighted on different locations in earth's space - and these are solely of extraterrestrial origin - then this has to do with special duties to be carried out, during which the cloaking has to be disabled. And it has to be said in regard to our federation, that it is spread out over three dimensions, and that our two dimensions - ours and yours - are included.

Then I do not want to know anything in respect to safety precautions. And anyway it is time for me, because ...