The Newest In Regard To Matters Of Extraterrestrials...

This is also case with the nonsense of seances where the departed are supposed to be present, or could be called to join. Completely crazy ones even claim that extraterrestrials participate in earth governments and would direct and control the destiny of earth and its humankind.

That it will be so is certain, because truth is not only disenchanting, however, also frightening, and it shatters the Illusions, hopes, desires, imaginations and delusions and so on of many believers in UFOs. However, those believing in UFOs, and many others wish to be cheated and led into delusion and do not acknowledge the truth, just as those believing in religions and sectarians. They neither wish to see nor recognize nor acknowledge the truth, because they are caught by their belief and their illusions, which they are holding high above all truth and reality. As a rule, to free themselves of this belief is impossible, because it is equal to a hereditary disease, which needs a very long time to be healed, and can only be overcome by reason and understanding. Likewise it is with opponents, because their reason and understanding is breaking down as well, however, in a different manner than that according to the believers in regard to imagined extraterrestrials and their spaceships, as well as so-called contacts and abductions and so on. However, also opponents fall into a belief, as well as those who know everything better and those who negate, and this likewise does not let them recognize and acknowledge the truth. They are just as sick in believing as all the other believers.

Billy Very well, then if unidentified flying objects were seen in earth's space, then they belonged to you, your federation or to your later federation and in two cases to the foreigners that you could not contact, if I include Roswell. And as to contacts through extraterrestrials with earth humans, then all but one case lead back to your federation, and all of the contact persons have died and none of the ones that have for years been saying that they were having contacts with you or with other extraterrestrials belong to them, and that they also call you Pleiadiens, because at the beginning we said as a precaution that you called yourselves Pleiadiens to then later uncover the lies of such persons. Then, when the lies had multiplied, and the world was full of such claims of persons who said they were having contacts with you, we came out into the open and revealed from where you really come from, and how you call yourselves in fact Plejarens and not Pleiadiens. All the liars have in this way exposed themselves, even though they are still trying to save face by weaving more lies. At what stage is the general control as to further flights of beings foreign to earth?