The Newest In Regard To Matters Of Extraterrestrials...

Contacts with earthlings do not take place, and apart from the contact with you, no other contacts exist. That will only change when other beings foreign to earth land openly and take up contacts, which will only happen then when we have left.

Billy Indeed, disappointing. - Everything, therefore, is nonsense and idle talk, as to the claims made by many people that they have been having contacts with extraterrestrials and would continue in such, and had and would have the opportunity to fly with them in spaceships or claim that the possibility of channelling or telepathic contacts, and so on was given.

This is absolutely true. - Channelling is pure nonsense, and everyone claiming to be capable of telepathy is not capable of it. In fact, it is really as you say, for in one instance only, a true contact between a human being foreign to earth and a human being of earth is given, and that is between you and us. But these events, which otherwise occurred between human beings foreign to earth and earth's human beings and are known to you, however, do not apply to any persons who are still alive, and maintain to have had contacts with human beings foreign to earth, or would still have these contacts. Yet my words are not intended for all those who were having impulse-contacts through us during the last and second last century, but it has to be mentioned, however, that they had no conscious knowledge of these impulse-contacts. The few exceptions in recent times like Anatol and Petra and so on, as well as the unique occurrence in Brazil regarding the Alpha Centauri-contact and the one in connecion with Elsa Schroeder and my daughter Semjase in Zahedan/Persia and so on, are not mentioned and moreover are known to you.

Billy This I know. But this very conversation now taking place between you and me will call many opponents to the fore, accusing us - especially me - of lying, because it could not be that only the contacts between you and me would be in accordance with the facts and truth, whereas everything else is lies, deception, imagination and illusion as well as delusion and so on. The world of UFO-believers, and UFO-fanatics and those believing in extraterrestrials will scream and howl; and especially the self-appointed ‹specialists› and ‹experts› in matters of UFOs and extraterrestrials will also come forth, and scream falsehood and deceit in the same way as UFO opponents and other self-appointed experts and specialists in this line of thought who have always maintained that as a whole everything was only deception and fraud, delusion or chimera and so on. However, it will also be the UFO-esoterics and the like-minded UFO-sectarians who climb on the same accusatory bandwagon as well as all those stuck in fantasies who believe that extraterrestrials live among human beings and would be present at any meetings and assemblies of UFO believers etc.