The Newest In Regard To Matters Of Extraterrestrials...

The sighting of UFOs is often also based on earthly flying machines such as airplanes and balloons of all types. What has to be said concerning Roswell is that we and our federation and all beings foreign to earth, and who were flying into earth's space, and then joined our federation, did not have anything to do with this incident.

Billy May one ask, how many peoples foreign to earth, which flew into earth's space, and which you contacted, joined your federation? And how many persons were involved in your investigation of three years - were it only Florena, Enjana, and their friends and you?

Ptaah During the entire last and second last century, the 20th and the 19th century respectively, there had been five visitors foreign to earth, which joined our federation. In another case, this was not possible because we were not able to contact them. In this new century and millennium nothing has happened yet, which is not yet to be expected, because populated planets are very far from earth, and not many find their way to earth although they are able to master space travel technology, which is the exception rather than the rule. There were 427 persons involved in the investigation that was of special interest to us.

Billy Man, that is a large number of people. So, you have spent the last three years investigating contacts in regard to beings foreign to earth and found that no contacts have taken place between beings foreign to earth and human beings of earth - except in the few cases that are known to me and pertain to you Plejarens and your federation. Is your knowledge now complete? You once said, that you would not be able to watch over the entire earth, therefore, that under circumstances some flights and so forth could be missed by you.

Ptaah That is right - for a long time, we were not able to watch altogether everything pertaining to flights of beings foreign to earth. But now through our newest technology, we could investigate the whole of the 19th and the 20th century, and the first years of the 21st century. The result of this investigation is that it is how I told you on my last visit on June 10th, and how I have said it now. The fact is, that since 1800 until now 2006 the flying objects observed from outer space solely belonged to us Plejarens and the five others mentioned who joined our federation and those we could not contact and have remained foreign to us. The thing about Roswell is another and special case, because back then bioorganic androids were found. And one also has to say now, that when flying machines as well as telemeter discs originating from outer space are seen, then these belong only to us Plejarens and our federation.