The Newest In Regard To Matters Of Extraterrestrials...

Then there were the teachers in India who taught you; they had in part physical and in part conscious telepathic contacts with us, whereas at first my father Sfath and thereafter Asket were the important persons for these contacts. In the last century, only one unintentional contact took place in South America whereby the space travellers came from another space-time structure from the region of Alpha Centauri. The contacts between us and human beings of earth are all known to you, and it must be added that all these contact persons have all died and kept silent about their contacts if they were at all conscious of them, which was only so in rare cases. Usually we only kept up impulse telepathic contacts, and the persons on the receiving end did not have any knowledge of it. And what must also be said is that today one-sided contacts like that are not carried out anymore. All investigations that we could carry out in the past three years were only made possible by our newest technology, which we had received from a people befriended with Asket. Only through this new technology from the technologically highly developed Sonaer was it possible for us to investigate in the most exact and detailed manner many years into the past, and to find the truth in all those things that we accepted as truth for about one hundred years although they were wrong and did not represent the truth. Through the possibility, still incomprehensible for us, that human beings of earth are able to bathe in lies and presumptions, which do not represent the truth, we have, as already mentioned, let ourselves be deceived and led astray. The possibility to say something different than it is in truth, is the reason why we considered the alleged contact stories of various human beings of earth to be the truth, and designated people as contact persons who in reality had not been such.

Billy Then all the so-called UFOs, which were observed in the last century, were spaceships from you, your federation, and from those who joined your federation after they had been contacted by you here on earth? And what about Roswell, do the beings foreign to earth, which were bioorganic androids, belong to you as well?

Of course, not all so-called UFOs were spaceships of beings foreign to earth, because the majority of all observations of such objects were and are still today based on earthly things, for example on electromagnetic or atmospheric phenomena but also based on other natural occurring happenings, like swarms of insects or birds, dust formations and so forth, or on meteors from space. Apart from that, there were and still are many objects of futuristic forms of secret, military origin belonging to different countries, that were and still are described as UFOs or extraterrestrial flying craft by earth human beings due to a lack of knowledge regarding the origin and construction of these objects.