Gedicht (englisch)

their needy, yearning souls.

Blessed are they whose spirit

richly thrives with cosmic wisdom,

moral logic and capacity for love.

For they will know the truth,

be brimming full with life; not

like the poor-in-spirit who subsist

in dread and can't find light,

nor strength to wholly live.

No terror - anywhere on Earth

or in the heavens - comes close

to icy, loveless fear that permeates

the poor-in-consciousness. There

is no higher bliss than wisdom,

no better friend than knowing

truth, no savior other than

the living Spirit's might.

The greatest human victory yet

unshackles those whose spirit is

enslaved by flawed, self-serving

and unnatural beliefs; is petrified

with fear of vengeful gods. Once

freed, a people's spirit molds a will

to banish from their minds all

vengeance, envy, fear and greed.