Professional Skeptics Group Proves UFOs Real!

5. The sudden appearance of a new disease and epidemic.
6. The exact kind of weapons and warfare that would cause renewed threats.
7. The exact location (out of 436) and type of facility (out of several) that would have a near-accident.

If this doesn't qualify as a genuine demonstration of psychic or paranormal abilities nothing does.

And it far exceeds any reasonable requirements to garner the financial award promised for such a demonstration, though that never has been the purpose of Meier's mission. It is only fitting, however, that those who have long accused him of being a hoaxer out for non-existent, and unproven, financial gain, should now have the opportunity to reward him, not only for his abilities, but also for suffering the fools and their defamation for so long.

For those who may be unaware, in addition to character assassination, Meier has survived 19 ([note by Billy: 21] documented) actual assassination attempts.

The Sound Recordings

Finally, the skeptics (and others who've actually tried) have also been unable to reproduce the sound recordings Meier made of a UFO, using only a cassette tape recorder, in an open field in front of 15 witnesses. There are 32 simultaneous frequencies occurring, 24 in the audible and eight in the inaudible range. To date, they remain irreproducible even with state-of-the-art synthesizers, let alone with cassette machines outdoors.
You can hear, and download, a three-minute sample of the sounds at: and experiment with them yourself. You will also find more documentation on the Meier Contacts at this website: - The Most Important Event In Human History

Now that the authenticity of the Meier Contacts have been firmly established, we can begin to examine the information, and the real purpose, behind the most important event in human history. Hint: It has to do with our future survival.