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Meier also documented the fact that Jupiter has rings; described the chemical composition of the planet's surface, the coloration of it's moons, Io's smooth surface and Europa being encrusted in ice. But far more amazingly, Meier accurately described both the composition and the source of Jupiter's rings 20 years before scientists from Cornell announced their findings, in 1998!

Prophetically Accurate Information

In February of 1995, Meier published a lengthy document of enormous complexity in which he foretold the likelihood of certain specific future events. In September 2001, portions of that information were included in the book "And Yet They Fly!" written by Guido Moosbrugger, an Austrian former schoolteacher and principle acquainted with Meier for about 25 years.

The following seven items, foretold on pages 347 and 348 of "And Yet They Fly!" have recently occurred and virtually in the sequence Meier foretold:

1. The strike or attack by the US and its president (Iraq). Meier even used the word "stun" when he said the strike would "...stun the entire world..." "Stun" is a synonym for the term "shock" used by the US as in "shock and awe".
2. Meier correctly predicted the following upsurge in unrest and violence from Islamic fundamentalists.
3. Meier foretold the spread of AIDS, which has indeed become very widespread.
4. Mad Cow Disease has since spread to other animals and humans as Meier also predicted.
5. Meier said that a new disease and epidemic would then appear and SARS did just that.
6. His warning regarding a renewed threat of chemical warfare is more in the news than ever.
7. Meier specifically warned of the possibility of an accident, one that he said could be avoided, however, at the nuclear power plant near Lyon, France. The emergency scenario, and the timely shut down of that exact plant, occurred on August 12, 2003.

Now, in case the astronomically high odds against any kind of coincidences or lucky guesses aren't apparent, consider that Meier identified the following eight years in advance:

1. The exact country and leader (out of hundreds) that would launch a stunning attack and a synonym for the term actually used by that country's leader (impossible to calculate).
2. The exact religious group (out of thousands) that would respond with their own attacks.
3. The exact disease (out of thousands) that would spread widely among humans.
4. The exact animal disease (out of thousands) that would spread to other animals and humans.