Professional Skeptics Group Proves UFOs Real!

This may be the first, and most important, time in history that skeptics have set out to disprove a presumed hoax and ended up proving its authenticity. And, in this case, what they proved is undoubtedly the factuality of the most important event in human history, the existence of, and contact with, extraterrestrials.

What Integrity Demands

The professional skeptics of the Meier case have concocted all sorts of fanciful notions and theories as to how he hoaxed the evidence. But when challenged to prove their claims they repeatedly replied that it was not their job to attempt to duplicate the evidence, although conducting themselves according to the scientific method would require it. Their time for freely, and irresponsibly, attacking Meier ran out when Mr. Rees and CFI West utterly and completely failed to meet the challenge they had finally accepted. In so doing, they effectively proved Meier's UFOs real and their own claims unsubstantiated and defamatory.

Unequivocal public retractions and apologies are now due Meier from CFI West, Vaughn Rees, Randi, Michael Shermer, etc. They have indulged in character assassination, slander and libel, and the sloppiest, least scientific thinking imaginable. It is now absolutely incumbent upon any and all of the skeptics who have offered money for proof of "paranormal" phenomenon, to offer it to Meier and his non-profit organization in Switzerland, FIGU. Specifically, the offer by Randi of $1,000,000 for proof of a paranormal ability has been more than satisfied and must be paid.

Integrity demands that they now live up to their word. There can be absolutely no argument, dispute or doubt now, especially considering the abysmal, failed attempts by the skeptical accusers themselves, with any tools at their disposal, to debunk, let alone duplicate, Meier's stunning proof. Now it's time to recognize that the most important event in human history has occurred and to discover what meaning it holds for us.


While the skeptics have offered an unexpected contribution to authenticating what have come to be known as the Meier Contacts, it's really only the tip of a very deep and solid iceberg of irrefutable proof far beyond a reasonable doubt.

Noted Astronomer Corroborates Additional Evidence

In April of 2003, Dr. Joseph Veverka, Chairman of the Astronomy Department at Cornell University, was presented with documentation of specific information on Jupiter, its rings and its moons, published by Meier in October, 1978, five months before the Voyager probe photographed and relayed the information back to Earth. When shown the evidence that Meier described the moon Io as being the most volcanically active body in the solar system, prior to the first official knowledge of it in March of 1979, Dr. Veverka was direct and candid, "If he said that 3-5 months before, then all that I can say is that he's right."