Professional Skeptics Group Proves UFOs Real!

Mr. Rees agreed to back up his claims by duplicating one of Meier's UFO photos along with the film segment, which should be the easiest to duplicate because it was the only one of Meier's that had no other objects in it to compare to the UFO. Mr. Rees stated that he already had a 35mm photo camera and knew where to acquire an 8mm movie camera. His work wasn't required to be exact to the last detail, just convincingly comparable in quality to Meier's.

Over the next two months Mr. Rees failed to submit anything to back up his claims and, in May of 2001, it was suggested that he could try using any high-tech equipment available to him, i.e. computers, special effects, Photoshop, etc., to fulfill his commitment. It was also suggested that, if he wished to be sporting about it, he should use only one hand since Meier is a one-armed man.

The Results

Two years later, at a UFO conference in February of 2003, Mr. Rees was confronted about his failure to meet the challenge. He responded that he still didn't have access to a photo-processing lab, which Meier himself never had access to, having sent all of his films off to a local shop for developing. Mr. Rees was reminded that he could, and perhaps had already tried to, use any high-tech means at his disposal instead. In a comparable two-year period Mr. Meier had, with one hand, produced hundreds of photos, while the able-bodied, technology-savvy Mr. Rees had produced none.

Now, about three years have passed and Mr. Rees has still failed to provide even one photo or film to back up his claims. In a three-year period of time Meier had taken nearly 1,000 photographs and, in about one year's time, he took at least one-half dozen of his 8mm films, and he did all of this using only one hand! A comparable number and quality of such types of films for an individual special effects person during the mid-1970s (and maybe any other time period) would be quite respectable, though an Internet search will reveal that no such cinematic accomplishments, professional or otherwise, exist.