To all the Governments ...

  1. Overpopulation.
  2. Devastation of the inner and outer natural living space.
  3. Embittered competition among human beings, which makes them blind and indifferent to the true inner values.
  4. Cold feelings and the general softness of the human being.
  5. Decline in the genetic factors.
  6. Disappearance of traditions and the emergence of conflicts and the division between generations.
  7. The increasing readiness of human beings to be indoctrinated, brainwashed and told what to do through political-ideological propaganda, advertising and media-influence.
  8. Nuclear arms race.

The biologist Ernst Mayr pointed out that in the face of the obvious reality of the overpopulation the human beings of Earth should develop a new environmental ethic, i.e. an environmentally compatible way of dealing with planet Earth, which places the prevention and circumvention of its pathological tendency to reproduce in the foreground, and takes into account that the overpopulation represents for mankind the greatest danger, and its reduction therefore the greatest challenge. He even went so far as to rightly claim that the work of those philosophers and representatives of religious ideologies who encourage and urge women to give birth to as many children as possible, is nothing short of a crime against humanity and shows that such individuals lack any real human ethic i.e. humaneness, because it should enable the human being to pass on the consequences of his actions and decisions to the whole of mankind and Earth. All those who support the overpopulation, bear, in his opinion, the responsibility for all the uncountable human beings who are victims of death and misery, because the overpopulation itself is the cause. Those are indeed very brave words which agree with reality.
An additional fact to mention which is connected with the uncountable bad effects of the ever faster ticking demographic time bomb, is the direct and indirect relationship between the population growth and the greenhouse effect, whereby a too high amount of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through the insane number of human beings and their corresponding works, activities, and means of transportation. Through the work of the scientists Norman D. Newell and Leslie Marcus, who analysed the time period between 1958 and 1983, it could be proven that the constant increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere runs exactly in parallel with the increase in world population. They even claimed that both factors are so closely interrelated that it is possible to calculate quite accurately the world’s population through measuring the quantity of atmospheric carbon dioxide. One also now knows from Plejaren sources that even the ordinary breathing of several milliard/billion Earth human beings as well as uncountable pets are significant contributors to the greenhouse effect.
A further tendency concerning the question of overpopulation, which by accurate observation is clearly revealed, is that when there is an admission of this problem then it is usually only applied to the third world and developing countries, because the claim is that western countries suffer from a serious decline in population. However, the fact that countries like Italy, Germany, Japan as well as all of Europe and the USA are extremely overpopulated is often not taken into consideration, because the calculation of the natural population limit of a country is not based on its total acreage of fertile land and that one square kilometre of fertile ground can plentifully/abundantly nourish at the most 12 people. That basically should be a simple point to comprehend. Because just like a ship has a fixed carrying capacity, which may not be exceeded because it would otherwise sink, the ship Earth also has a limit to its carrying capacity of human beings which may not be exceeded on account of the limited total fertile land on its surface if one does not want to destroy it.
In the end it must also be mentioned that one cannot exclude that the urge to reproduce uncontrolled and unnaturally is, in many human beings, so deeply imprinted in the collective subconsciousness as well as in the individual subconsciousness’ forms of many human beings as an acquired, instinctive and genetically transferable behavioural pattern, that they are no longer conscious of this faulty reproduction program because it keeps being activated as if it was a healthy, species-preserving instinct. Yet this should not obscure the fact that each human being is a being who is self-aware and as such has the possibility to think about his instinctive urges, to become conscious of them and then to control them.

Andrea Bertuccioli, Italy
Transalation: Willem Mondria and Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland