To all the Governments ...

But there were also strong objections and protests to be heard among the leftists and members of the ´68 generation who ended up pointing out that the ideas advocated in this study would lead to shoring up the privileges and supremacy of the capitalists and ruling class, because poverty and social differences would further increase through the reduction of growth. The reaction was no different from governmental levels, since in the East Bloc countries the prevailing conviction was that the future disasters, which the report warned of, was only valid for the capitalistic countries, because the greater organisational ability of socialistic systems would make it possible to regulate the ratio between production of goods and population growth through a central planned economy and state power, so that no destruction of the environment would take place. Yet the fact that in these East Bloc countries just the opposite was the case – the worst ecological catastrophes occurred there during the days of the Soviet Union –, became visible in the following years, particularly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

These examples show that every party, every social group and class as well as every country and government pushed and pushes the responsibility for a reduction in the population growth on someone else: those in the north on those in the south, those in the east on those in the west and vice versa. In the end every one washes their hands of being responsible and thinks that this far-reaching terrestrial plague always concerns only others and therefore the duty to fight against it belongs to someone else. The situation today is also not very different even though the cold war is over and the so-called globalisation has, through immigration and the Asian economic boom, increased all problems relating to the overpopulation. There is no ascertainable readiness and ability among those opposing globalisation to look at the reality and see it as it really is in order to thoroughly get to the bottom of all troubles on Earth. Instead they only want to fight its outer symptoms and not the true, deep cause. However, in the eyes of the true observers and researchers of reality, the close correlation between the strong population growth on the one hand, and wars, conflicts, terror, anarchies, massacres, genocides, and revolutions etc. occurring within individual countries and on a global level on the other hand, is more and more obvious (which of course does not mean that the overpopulation is the sole cause of conflicts, wars, etc.), as it also is quite clearly spelled out in the research results of the German genocide researcher and demographer Gunnar Heinsohn. He has, based on longstanding historical and contemporary analysis and comparisons, come to the conclusion that, in countries with an excess of young people or a strong increase of young males – so that the number of children and young persons make up 30% of the entire population – the outbreak of ethnic conflicts, wars, civil wars, terrorism, and genocides occurs considerably more often and that the probability of such outbreaks is considerably higher when compared to societies and countries where the share of the older population is much greater; because when a country brings a large and growing number of young males into the world, who then live in a condition of unemployment, no future prospects and social impoverishment – mainly brought about through the disproportionate number of young males and the connected overpopulation – then they feel increasingly frustrated and discontented which is why aggression and eruptions of violence of all kinds are pre-programmed.
There are also scientists who have directed their attention on the additional relationships concerning the negative effects of the overpopulation, like for example the well-known animal behaviour researcher Konrad Lorenz, who has researched in his book ‹Civilized Man’s Eight Deadly Sins› the correlation between overpopulation, impoverished feelings or cold feelings and general loneliness and anonymity, particularly of human beings living in cities. According to his knowledge the excessive and unnatural accumulation of human beings in a certain area increases the potential of aggression and leads to the condition where one must protect himself from his fellow-human being because he is perceived as a potential danger and threat so that one is inclined to withdraw more and more into one’s own private sphere and to avoid if possible other human relationships outside the circle of one’s own family and friends. Lorenz was also of the opinion that these deadly sins, i.e. the main problems of our civilisation, are rooted in the overpopulation and therefore must not be examined separately, but in their totality and interaction, because they are all interconnected. Lorenz’s above-mentioned main problems of our time are as follows: