To all the Governments ...

When one examines modern history and the present, then one ascertains that the overpopulation for various reasons was and still continues to be constantly supported and encouraged by different political, ideological and religious fronts and line of thoughts. Monarchs, dictators, despots, as for example Hitler, Mussolini, Mao und Stalin, etc., were great and fanatic population growers, because a growing population with many children served them and their politics in many ways, like for example raising and deploying armed forces, in order to be able to expand their power and sphere of influence through wars and conquests of other lands and then to exploit them. For them a large population also meant having a large work force which were to be put to work in masses in the building of railroads, cities, settlements, colonies and other works. The rabbit-like reproduced human beings were and still are in many places used by unscrupulous rulers as workhorses and weapons of war and conquest.
In the present-day overpopulated industrial lands, like for example in Europe, a reduction in the population is for politicians and economic leaders a dreaded disaster, and for this reason a hidden or public birth promoting politic is pursued. This is because the human beings are viewed from a pure economic and material point of view, i.e. as an affluent mass of passive consumers of goods and services as well as tax payers and contributors to the pension plans. Since the more that is bought and consumed, the faster the economy and market grows and in this way capital and profits are increasing.
Ever since the French revolution there is a worldwide conviction among farmers and the working class that a large number of descendants should and must be produced in order to be able to recruit the necessary workforce from one’s family, whereby the misconception has also spread that having a large number of descendants is a good old-age insurance.
At the end of the 18th century, the philosopher Immanuel Kant advanced an ethic according to which the human being should be an end for himself and should never be used as a means to some end. A similar principle is also found in the teachings of the old prophets and wise ones and also today in Billy’s Teaching of the Spirit and in his many other writings. But the ideologies which are bred through the overpopulation contradict this universal principle or law, because they use and misuse the human beings without exception as means for their purposes regardless of what it is. All ideologies that have come into being during the course of modern history and have fought each other, have more or less started with the absurd idea that the Earth’s resources can be endlessly extracted and that the growth of the number of human beings and economy have, therefore, no set limits through nature. But by the demographic explosion, this belief has been very clearly proven to be totally unrealistic, i.e. an unrealistic theory and ideology.

It is an annoying characteristic and manner that has become habitual of many human beings of our planet, to turn a deaf ear to the timely alarm and warning called out by all responsible-minded, rational human beings, and even to drown them out with scorn and mockery. This was and is the case with Billy Meier and the FIGU just as it is and was with others, whose reports, articles, books, talks and prognosis on the question of overpopulation so far remained unheeded or were denied. That is particularly regrettable considering the fact that many of them were and are outstanding individuals who are/were recognized personalities in their field, like for example the ethnologist Konrad Lorenz, the biologists Ernst Mayr, Paul Ehrlich and Lynn Margulis, the science fiction writer and universal scholar Isaac Asimov, the writers and visionaries of the future Aldous Huxley and Daniel Quinn, the science journalist Hoimar von Ditfurth, the astronomers and physicists Fred Hoyle, Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, the ecologist James Lovelock, the political scientist Giovanni Sartori and last but not least, the engineer Aurelio Peccei. Peccei founded the research group ‹Club of Rome› in the 1970s and within this framework initiated an important series of studies and reports on the problem of overpopulation and had them published. The first and most well-known of this group’s report, which was published in 1972, bore the title ‹Limits to Growth› and warned of possible dramatic scenarios in the future, like extreme shortages of raw materials and food, environmental destruction, world-wide economic crisis and final collapse of the Earth, which, as a result of a non-stop and constantly growing world population, will be highly likely or in the worst case even come true in the not all too distant future. The conclusion shows that a series of causes and effects, which are caused through the overpopulation and are closely coupled with each other, can be summarised in the following way: When the population grows, then the demand of foodstuffs also grows as well as the demand for other material goods and commodities.