To all the Governments ...

The overpopulation or actual population size had also nothing to do with the ever more occurring natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, ocean-quakes, flooding, hurricanes, tornados, cyclones and heat waves, since such natural catastrophes had, of course, always happened.
Whoever has a different opinion and persistently points out the overpopulation as the root cause of all troubles – namely in the form that without solving the overpopulation, all the other problems would likewise not be resolved or at least not effectively –, is frequently branded as a prophet of doom or pessimist. It is not uncommon to even go so far as to accuse those backing a global control of births and a periodic controlled birth stops of inhumanity, eugenics as well as of an unwarranted intervention in the private affairs of the fellow human being. Yet the question is, how can those representatives of ideologies, who through toleration, open or disguised approval and promotion as well as through downplaying the issue of overpopulation, i.e. the unlimited, uncontrolled and degenerated growth of the world population, be called humanists when hundreds of millions of human beings are consciencelessly abandoned to a death from starvation, misery, poverty, epidemics, wars and civil wars and are, in the name of incorrect humanistic theories and unrealistic religious dogmas, damned to an agonising life? On the other hand it is also clear that many of those who are aware of the very fast depletion of fossil fuel deposits, on account of the rapidly increasing exploitation, and in this connection speak of a limit to the economic growth, are not ready and willing to accept that there is a set natural limit to the population growth as well; because the Earth’s cultivatable land (on which human beings are able to grow foodstuffs) is not only obviously limited but always decreasing as a result of the growing overpopulation and the resulting urbanisation (according to some studies the amount of productive acreage lost in the 20th century equals that lost in the previous 1000 years). It is also not so as some wishful thinkers and know-it-alls think, that the insane reproduction of human beings will, at some time through natural ways, i.e. epidemics, starvation, and natural catastrophes, be stopped and the population size will again be – quite spontaneously – normalized and take on an environmentally compatible size.
The Catholic church or rather the Vatican plays a particularly inglorious role by all the aggressiveness, attacks as well as attempts of defamation and covering-up directed against those few, not listened to, advocates for a real humane solution to the grave troubles of the overpopulation. As has been thoroughly explained in some newly published books, the Vatican has exercised and still exercises a large, subtle, lobby-like influence and pressure on the commissions, committees and agencies at the United Nations as well as on the governments and state leaders of many Catholic and Christian countries of Europe, Africa and North and South America who are working on the issue of overpopulation. In this way, they block all efforts, oppose by means of their veto and let everything break down in regards to programs and plans of the community of peoples, UNO or other individual nations to get the overpopulation under control. Therefore it is not without reason that President Bush – in return for the help he received in his deceitful election victory from American Catholic groups as well as other Christian sects – put a law into effect, shortly after his assumption of office in 2000 which ordered the closing down of a worldwide educational program for the prevention of pregnancies which was primarily funded by the USA. There is secret and painstaking work being done by the Catholic Church and other religions to influence politicians to their favour, and this also includes threatening to stir up the population of Catholic or Christian dominated lands against those governing and thereby putting the consensus in danger in the event they begin or plan with unwelcome measures for birth control. In the past at world summits and international conferences (like at the Cairo Conference) the Vatican did not shrink back from making alliances with otherwise hostile governments of Islamic countries, and before had even made alliances with murderous dictatorships, as has been the case in the 1970s with the Mao Regime when it was about pushing through blockades in regards to the possible birth control program and the hypocritical Catholicism population policy.