To all the Governments ...

Thoughts on the Overpopulation, its Supporters and Breeders as well as its Critics and Those Fighting Against it

The majority of human beings, be they normal people or specialists and experts, appear to be incapable of seeing the larger connections between things as well as questions and problems of our time and to be not able to grasp them in their entirety and to bring the different facts and perceptions in connection with each other in order to draw out concrete conclusions and consequences.

Inspite there are always more and more special fields and specializations being created today in which the one specialist is often unable to communicate with the other because they do not know or don't want to know anything beyond their special field and terminology. That makes this knowledge practically inaccessible to those who are not initiated in the respective technical jargon. But one asks oneself, what kind of knowledge this is, when, on the basis of its complexity and general incomprehensibility, it can only be shared among the few who are knowledgeable in the special field and not with other people?
When every expert or narrow-minded specialist only tends to his own tiny area of knowledge and is only knowledgeable in his limited field, it is of no surprise that in our highly specialised society there are swarms of scientists, economic experts, ecologists, sociologists, politicians, consultants, philosophers and intellectuals, who are not in the position to be able to recognize that the overpopulation is the root and main cause for all troubles in our time. How could they when they are not even able to see beyond the end of their noses!
There is much and loudmouthed talking about all sorts of things; such as the distribution of the global wealth as a method to fight poverty as well as the moral obligation to give the poor countries more help and money. Furthermore there is talk about the necessity on the part of the industrial countries, in connection with the global warming, to reduce the emissions of environmentally harmful gasses, and there is talk about the emerging energy shortages and the depleting resources as well as about the urgent political measures to stem the continuously increasing wave of immigrants, which already equals a regular mass migration.
Also there is a lot of, and with increasing concern, debate generated by pacifistic orientated human beings as well as religiously stamped human beings as to how to cope with the overall and more frequently erupting ethnic conflicts, wars, civil wars, dictators etc., which plague our Earth.
But it appears that it has not occurred to almost all of these debating human beings (the few exceptions prove the rule) and the superexperts who hide behind their abstruse, euphemistic and diplomatic technical jargon, that the root of all these grave problems and phenomenons have a common deep cause: namely the overpopulation. Instead of finally acknowledging this fact and working out a corresponding solution, most of the professional gurus and do-gooders even contradict the fact through flimsy argumentations about whether the Earth actually really is overpopulated! They claim that there is enough place on the Earth for many more milliards/billions of human beings, because there are still enough large tracts of land that are empty or under-populated. There even exists, in the ranks of the blinded population breeders, those who presume that the Earth could easily accommodate up to 30 or 40 milliards/billion human beings, since, according to their opinion, technological progress or providence will automatically, and for good, get rid of all the present-day shortages and needs, like for example pollution of the environment and poverty, through new inventions and discoveries concerning renewable energy sources, production of foodstuffs etc., so that there would be enough food and clean air for everyone. In addition it is again and again claimed that the contribution of the large number of human beings to the dangerous environmental pollution and greenhouse effect was basically incredibly little to almost nothing, since only the out-dated and dirty industrial and production plants, power plants as well as the heavy road traffic were responsible, which are mainly found in developing countries.