To all the Governments ...

If any problems are tackled and solutions worked out, then these solutions are already ineffective and are damned to be useless as soon as they have materialized. During the time when the solution's end project is worked out and drawn up, it has become obsolete and insufficient to a great extent because the increase of Earth’s population has grown again by hundreds of millions during the time period from planning to the end product. Consequently the constructed products for the alleviation of the problems are again to an enormous extent out-dated and require new projects. This results in more and more progressive and endless problems whereby it comes to robbing Peter to pay Paul and so every problem is followed by two new problems. Harsh effective measures must be seized against this and against all other troubles, just as against the machinations of the powerful state leaders desiring world domination, who trigger off wars all over the world, who wage wars and bring other countries into a state of chaos and want to break and eradicate their mentality, religion and politics. Through the incredibly fast growing number of human beings, mankind is forced to exploit and destroy the environment and Earth with increasing frequency and effect, in order to meet the increasing demands of all kinds. Because of the growing number of human beings these demands increase more and more, whereby nature and the entire environment suffer more and more and are destroyed, which naturally already had a disastrously destructive effect on the climate for a long time. The planet itself is tormented because atomic and other explosions disrupt the Earth’s structure and trigger earthquakes. Bodies of water, nature, the atmosphere and space close to Earth are contaminated, the ancient forests are greedily destroyed and eliminated for the sake of profit and the Earth’s resources are irresponsibly exploited.
The main priority for the future is: The madness of the overpopulation growth must be drastically prevented and stopped, which, however, is only possible through worldwide rigorous measures concerning a controlled birth stop. This also requires – through authoritative clarifications – effective measures which allow to still produce offspring when all the human circumstances are satisfactory and when no factors are expected that violate the human dignity, the social system, the societal norm as well as the security of the society, the human race, the planet, the environment and the individual human being etc.
Therefore the world population must be reduced to a reasonable size through a worldwide and controlled birth stop, because only through this will it be possible to eliminate the increasing demands and their associated destructions. According to the law of nature, the size of the Earth’s population should not exceed the amount of 529 million, because the planet has a guaranteed surplus of provisions for this number. Even three times the number, thus 1.6 billion, but not more, would still be acceptable and could be handled by the planet and its nature. Time is running out and therefore swift action is called for; and this is your responsibility, you who sit in governments and in other responsible positions, or you who are working as scientists and now know what needs to be done in order to bring the future, life and the entire world back into line; even if it will take a very, very, very long time and will take hundreds of years – presumed that the above-mentioned necessary measures will be seized and put into effect in a useful way in the foreseeable future. You who are responsible, act now because time has run out, for the only thing that remains is to start a new beginning in reason, understanding and logic, otherwise the final catastrophe will be unavoidable. Do also pass on this warning to your successors, because the obligation is just as well their responsibility as it is yours and the one of every other single human being on Earth. This means to act in the framework of the necessary urgency in order to protect and preserve the land and Earth as well as all that exists and all the things created by human beings, and to lead all to a healthy, good and positive future. This also applies to the hard-won worldly goods, the entire nature, the planet and its climate, the body and life of all human beings and all creatures on land and in the air.

‹Billy› Eduard Albert Meier,
Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, Hinterschmidrueti, 8495 Schmidrueti, Switzerland

Translation: Willem Mondria and Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland