Wunschträume (Wish-fulfilment Daydreams)

10. The consciousness, like a garden, must be maintained and kept free of weeds.
From “Macht der Gedanken”: “If good, healthy and neutrally-positive-balanced thoughts are nurtured, then they bring a good harvest in the form of progress, success, love, peace and harmony; if, however, bad, negative thoughts are allowed, then they grow luxuriously like wild, raging weeds which displace everything which is not of its kind and consequently takes the upper hand to such a degree that nothing positive is able to gain ground any more. Therefore the consciousness, and the thoughts which emerge from it, must be cultivated and tended as with a precious garden, which is kept free of weeds and in which flowers bloom, and vegetables as well as fruit grow which, on one hand, bring the human being joy and harmony and, on the other hand, are safe nourishment.”

Homework suggestion:
Create (and tend) a wish-fulfilment daydream about the future of our Australian study group.
p.85. Positives Denken, Wie denkt man positiv? (Aus ‹Die Psyche›) Positive thinking, how does one think positively? (from “The Psyche”)

Von Kindheit an besitzt jeder Mensch normalerweise einen Wunschtraum; ein in seiner Phantasie existierendes Wunschtraumgebilde von etwas, das er einmal verwirklichen möchte oder von dem er einfach gerne träumte oder träumt.
Starting in childhood every human being normally has a wish-dream; a wish-dream image of something, which exists in his or her imagination, that he or she would really like to be real, or of something that he or she simply liked, or likes, to dream about.

Ein Wunschtraum von irgend etwas, das er als gut, schön, lieb und nett empfindet. Ein Wunschtraum, der verwirklicht werden kann oder der ganz einfach für alle Zeiten ein Phantasiegebilde darstellt.
A wish-dream of something that he or she perceives to be good, beautiful, dear and nice; a wish-dream which can be made reality or which simply represents a figment of the imaginanation for all times.

In jeder Beziehung ist jedoch ein Wunschtraum besser, wenn er einmal verwirklicht werden kann. Ist aber das Wissen um einen solchen Wunschtraum verlorengegangen, dann vermag sich jede Person einen neuen zu schaffen; einen neuen Wunschtraum, in dem man sich in der Phantasie ergehen kann.
However, a wish-dream is, in every regard, better if it can one day become reality. But if the knowledge of such a wish-dream has been lost then each person is able to create a new one; a new wishdream in which one can indulge in fantasy.