Wunschträume (Wish-fulfilment Daydreams)

5. The need for discipline and control in creating and maintaining wish-dreams.
“Arahat Athersata”, p.112. ” 23. The more often a thought is maintained and the more intensively it is nourished, the more strongly it swells and pushes, unrestrainably, to realisation. 24. Exactly as a corn seed – as a result of receiving constant moisture – swells, germinates, takes root, grows and then unfolds to produce ears.“
So, if you don’t adequately feed your idea, it will die, or at least be stunted or malformed.

6. Gain dream inspiration by paying closer attention to the nature of the consciousness itself.
In other words, capture and remember real moments when something has already pleased your consciousness.
“Die Art zu Leben”, p.154. v. 404 “… From time to time one may snatch a fleeting impression of the nature of the consciousness if one turns toward it. Then one may perhaps feel an expanded happiness in oneself, aroused by a beautiful piece of music or by a human being’s love, by a beautiful experience, a nice gesture or simply just because the everyday routine and life are so pleasant. And one may also grasp a moment of happiness which perhaps simply comes about because one sees the snowflakes floating down or a sunbeam which mysteriously spreads its fingers through the forest; it can also be a flower on the edge of the path or a bird and its twittering which please the consciousness. These are moments of peace, of love, of happiness, of spiritual poise and harmony as well as (moments of) turning inwardly and (moments of) insight; moments which take effect deep in the inner realm of the consciousness, bringing the feelings to resonance and pleasing the psyche. And they are moments which, in their peculiarity must be held firm, so that they remain constantly in the memory. …”
[try to bring these dreams to mind – my example: iris garden]