Wunschträume (Wish-fulfilment Daydreams)

A pleasurable way to install peace and neutral-positive thinking in oneself.
1. We have difficulty finding and maintaining a state of peace in ourselves.
This is raised in the context of concerns about the effects of electro-smog, negative vibrations from others in built up areas, etc.
2. The power of our thoughts have by far the greatest significance in our ability to maintain a peaceful state of mind than do external factors.
As Billy explains in “Macht der Gedanken“, if we learn to actually think correctly then we discover sooner or later that we are masters over the state of our own psyches. Consider the role the power of the thoughts plays in our health: “The fact is that thoughts and feelings exert a monstrous might on the health of the human being and not seldom even determine whether one lives or dies. Angst, gloomy expectations, negative imaginings and worries are – at the very least – just as big a negative factor and risk factor, in regard to physical and psychic health, as are, for example, alcohol, nicotine and pure toxic substances.“ Billy’s Bulletin 71 article, “Die tödliche Macht der Gedanken und Gefühle”, “The Deadly Might of Thoughts and Feelings”. According to U.S. studies, a large number of heart attacks arise merely because the victim fears having one.

3. Learning to concentrate and control the thoughts so that one becomes the forger of one’s own destiny and is master over the state of one’s psyche.
Learning correct meditation is the sure way to achieve a peaceful state of mind and a habit of neutral-positive thinking. Behind this is the unavoidable need to learn concentration. Meditation is not learned over night. In general we simply aren’t used to focussing our consciousness in such a controlled and orderly manner. For beginners, it is difficult to concentrate on one object, or entirely on our own consciousness, or on the Creation, or some such thing that we perhaps don’t even really recognise yet in more than a rather vague way.

4. Wish-fulfilment day dreams – a pleasurable way to install peace and neutral-positive thinking in oneself.
Maintenance of dreams which describe our wishes also requires effort and concentration. For beginners it is easier to focus on already existing pleasant imagery.
In “Die Psyche”, Billy writes, that to learn neutral-positive thinking it is only necessary to turn immediately to thoughts of a wish-dream whenever negative thoughts begin to influence the thinking. The wish-dream is about something that we would like to be real or simply something that we simply like to dream about. It is of something we feel is good, beautiful, likeable/dear (lieb) and nice – the sort of dreams we may have had in childhood.
We must also practise this when problems are not over-burdening us.