Thoughts about the Sentence: I Always Remain Relaxed ...

Everything rotates helically (in the form of a spiral); one thing gives rise to another and they continue to form each other reciprocally, and everything is made possible, directed, controlled and watched by the consciousness – and the cosmic-electromagnetic life-energy is the life-substance that animates the body via the spirit-form and the spirit-web. (A programme is comparable to a process, meaning a concrete series of single steps, which function according to specific rules. To become active, a process/programme needs a processor. The operating system manages – among many other functions – the execution of processes, and in the CPU [= Central Processing Unit; for the PC e.g. Pentium], the central processor of a computer, the processes are executed in multi-tasking mode. More information in the Internet.)

Destination of the human-consciousness-evolution is to harmonize the external and internal self with the human’s relatively highest possible level of the innermost, creative self (spirit-form).
Our individual evolutionary level is of course decisive, depending on whether or not our predecessor-personalities – and now we for the ones who come after us – recognised their responsibility and evolutionised in consciousness as far as possible in a creational sense. If not, our inner self is not congeneric (like-natured) with the innermost self or in other words with the knowledge, love and wisdom impulses of Creation, which flow via our spirit-form into our subconsciousness and on into our consciousness, where we – upon seizing them after they have passed through the censor – continue to work with them in our thoughts and feelings and to direct our inner according to them – at best.
Everywhere, there is talk about self-realisation. It then – out of the blue – no longer seems to be a hypothetical construct. For the vast majority of humanity, this undoubtedly means having the right to think and behave as one pleases and without having to care for others or for the creational laws. A few examples of this include loud-hearing of disharmonic music, feet on the seat in the train and tram, consuming drugs, having wild parties, displaying anger, picking fights, obscene language, venting emotions like jealousy and hate, etc., and so on and so forth. In doing so, these human beings are even supported by a number of psychologists, since it apparently is supposed to be healthy to scream out the anger and rage. For these human beings, the only options are to scream it out or to swallow it. To pull themselves together, be equanimous and not get angry at all, is apparently not up for discussion. We know of course that the above-mentioned behavioural patterns at most have something to do with indecency and a lack of self-control, but there is no trace of self-realisation. If we want to find self-realization/self-fulfilment, we must first get to know ourselves and therefore practice self-knowledge. Prize question: Where, in your opinion, can self-knowledge be found?