Thoughts about the Sentence: I Always Remain Relaxed ...

In order to balance things out though, here are two positive examples:
You have to go to a meeting (conference) that you were unable to prepare for. Instead of becoming tense with anxiety, because you do not want to expose yourself, you go there and completely relaxed you listen to what the others have to say and ask. Because of your relaxed state, you have the situation fully under control and things occur to you that you otherwise would never have thought of. Due to your composure and relaxed nature, you were sensitive to non-physical fine-structured substance, which is absolutely necessary to perceive inspirations of the subconsciousness or values from the unconscious-forms in the consciousness – and it is also helpful when accessing the memory. You are certainly very familiar with this, because the strongest notions often come to mind while musing in the bathtub or while taking a leisurely stroll. Also 'forgotten' names occur to us again, when we let go and discontinue our active search for them. When I was about 10 years old, we had to be vaccinated against polio (infantile paralysis) in primary school. That meant getting a shot in the back. All the ones, who came before me, were terribly frightened and those who were already vaccinated were complaining about the pain. I thought if I make myself completely loose and think about something altogether different, I won’t feel a thing. And that’s exactly how it was.

We know instinctively that to be tense or under stress or in a rush has negative effects on us and for us and that because of this we cannot react the way we should or actually want to – which is namely with composure and in a creational sense for the respective situation. Only when we remain in the “calm centre” and are not constantly engaged in thought somewhere, are we balanced, open and perceptive.