Thoughts about the Sentence: I Always Remain Relaxed ...

Perhaps you are now thinking that a few synonyms are a bit far-fetched, but it is always good to think everything through and to also choose words which sound less pleasant than 'strained'. To point out our weaknesses creates at best the motivation to want to weed them out and change them to the contrary. Create a mental picture of situations, in which you were tense and how this manifested itself. In doing this, it is also important to know, who effectively wielded the might over you – the situation or you.

Here are a few negative examples:
You are seething with anger for some reason or another. Through the anger, your thoughts and feelings are in a state of turmoil and are 'dancing' in a consciousness-form, which has more to do with vengeance, offensiveness and retaliation than with harmony, equanimity and love. Everything that comes out of your mouth or that you put down on paper in such a moment reflects your state. The anger has you under control. If you were to read or hear it later, shame would probably arise – or most certainly should.
Or you are in a hurry to get to work, however you cannot manage to do one thing after another in a composed manner, but rush about and even drop something while doing so, pack all your bits and pieces together – and off you go. Once you arrive at work, you notice that you have forgotten your entry-badge. Now you remember that the jacket you wore the day before had flashed across your mind, but you paid it no heed and even pressed yourself on to get away. The whole point is, your badge was namely in that jacket. An inspiration was about to arise to draw your attention to this, since your unconscious-forms continue to work, even if you are inattentive. In general, inspirations of the subconsciousness are not perceived consciously, even not in a rudimentary form. They get 'stuck' in the unconscious of the consciousness or the unconscious of the memory – or wherever the information is hidden – because we are constantly absorbed in thought with something (unnecessary). There are still dozens of examples that could be listed here, but I’ll leave that up to you and your own fantasy and powers of recollection.