Thoughts about the Sentence: I Always Remain Relaxed ...

Sentence no. 73 contains two parts – in principle even three, if we separate 'my' and 'self', which we do not want to do though – namely:

  1. I always remain relaxed
  2. and thereby gain might over myself,

and nevertheless they still belong together, since the second part is the effective result of the first part.
Let’s take a look at both parts in somewhat greater detail.

First part reads: “I always remain relaxed”
That we should be relaxed, is instinctively clear to us, because all of us notice how the body aches and/or how thoughts and feelings are blocked, when we are not relaxed, but I began to wonder why we gain might over ourselves in this way. What exactly does that mean? Does it also mean that whenever we are not relaxed, but are tense, we have no might over ourselves? It must, right?
Sometimes, it is helpful to find synonyms for certain terms and note their possible effects on the body and mental-block or consciousness, thoughts, feelings and psyche (psyche = mental state of being), in order to get an even better picture. Let’s begin with the adjectives 'tense' and 'relaxed':

AdjectivePossible SynonymsPossible Effects
tenseemphatic, insistent, intensive, strained, exhausting, burdened, pressing, inflexible, stressed, unrested greedy, impatient, prejudiced, constrained, absorbed, gripping, restless, unbalanced, disharmonious …– Perception of intuition and inspirations of the subconsciousness and the unconscious-forms is not possible.
– Indignant reactions, irritability
– Blocked thoughts and feelings
– Psychic strain, stress symptoms
– Physical diseases
– No appropriate thinking performance regarding unknown questions/statements of another person
– Excitement
– Intolerance, partiality
– etc.
relaxedrelieved, free, slack, unattached, unburdened, pleasant, flexible, unrestrained, rested, unprejudiced unconstrained, patient, perceptive, calm, balanced, harmonious ...– Perception of intuition and inspirations of the subconsciousness and the unconscious-forms
– Thoughts and feelings under one’s own control
– Physical and psychic health
– Composure
– Able to react and think at any time
– Tolerance, impartiality
– etc.