Thoughts about the Sentence: I Always Remain Relaxed ...

“I Always Remain Relaxed and Thereby Gain Might over Myself”

Some time ago, I studied in Billy’s book, ”Meditation aus klarer Sicht“ (free translation ”Meditation from Clear Visibility”, in German only), the 77 sentences in the chapter ”Meditative Grundlage zur positiven Bewusstseinshaltung” (Meditative Basis for a Positive Attitude of Consciousness), in order to jot down a few that would be quite appropriate for my short meditations. I read them through, point by point, and noted the ones most appropriate for me at the time – each on a small slip of paper. Even if my genes are still far from being inseminated with this valuable ability, the meaning of the sentences is in principle clear to me. Once I finished jotting them down and checked them over again, my thoughts got stuck at point 73. That sentence reads as follows:

  1. Stets bleibe ich entspannt und gewinne dadurch Macht über mich selbst.
  2. I always remain relaxed and thereby gain might over myself.

When first reading this, it is naturally clear what it means – at least we think so. But is that really true? All sentences deserve to be thought over intensively, but this one most certainly does. To begin with, every single one of the 77 sentences – or the ones you have chosen – should be adopted exactly as Billy recorded it (in German), in order for you to assimilate the code. This code takes effect, as soon as the sentences are read or heard. It affects everything in the human being that functions impulsively – therefore all cells and consequently the genes as well. All cells and in fact everything in the universe is built on impulses or impulsations (= something goes in and something develops). Once we have assimilated the sentences, as they are written in “Meditation aus klarer Sicht”, we of course must intensively think about what has been said and heard, since that is the only way for us to activate our thoughts and feelings, which in turn send out impulses or impulsations, which have an effect on our entire body and impulsively influence all genes, thus altering them accordingly. Whatever and however we think, feel and act determines impulsively the function of our genes – which is also passed on to our eventual offspring.
For the consciousness to benefit, it is therefore necessary to think about it, over and over again, because a single string of thought is definitely not enough. Depending on our evolutionary level or evolutionary plane, this is a life-long process of learning and changing.