Is It Worthwhile to Start Up a Business Today?

If we wish to save our planet and make life on earth worth living for future generations, it is time for us to lay the groundwork for a truly humanitarian society, in which universal values are cultivated that unite humanity and promote world peace and in which humankind lives in harmony with nature and fully respects the natural freedoms and rights of all human beings. We can only achieve this, however, if we are willing to accept more social responsibility by working towards a true people’s democracy, in which we, the people, may actively participate in the decision-making process of our government and vote directly on all issues that affect our lives via people’s referendums (see ‹Equality for all› and ‹Gleichwertigkeit› by Rebecca Walkiw).
Direct democratic participation is also reflected in the principles formulated by the students of Port Huron, which state «that the economic experience is so personally decisive that the individual must share in its full determination” and “that the economy itself is of such social importance that its major resources and means of production should be open to democratic participation and subject to democratic social regulation.» Today, a small but growing number of our global population has access – via computers and information technology – to a wealth of knowledge pertaining to frontier sciences, the humanities and universal life, which can help us make tremendous strides in our overall human awareness and human progress (see If we learn to live according to the laws of nature and always seek the truth in developing our awareness and human qualities, our dream of a truly humanitarian society will become a reality.
In view of all the above-stated, I think it is very worthwhile to start up a business today and create meaningful work wherever possible, so that ever more people can become self-supportive through their own creative efforts and help others to do the same. This would not only improve the humanitarian situation in our society but would also strengthen the overall economy. If all people would unite as a global family and work together in the spirit of brotherhood, we could not only strengthen our global economy but we could also achieve the principal goal envisioned by the students of Port Huron, which is to create a world «where hunger, poverty, disease, ignorance, violence, and exploitation are replaced as central features by abundance, reason, love and international cooperation.»
This vision, which I believe is the greatest goal of our global humanity, was expressed by another child of the same generation with the following words: