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Our society can only exist in a stable form and continue to develop, if we all pitch in and work together, each according to his abilities, for the common well-being of all. If we wish to have a flourishing economy, then we must start to manage our resources wisely and provide meaningful work for all members of society (see ‹Equality for all›). The first step towards accomplishing this goal is to bring our population count back into balance with nature. This in turn can only be achieved through public education and a global consensus to implement a humanitarian program of global birth control. For further information on how to achieve a balanced global population, see Secondly, we must ensure that every child be granted the best education possible in order to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and human values to become a responsible citizen and a meaningful member of society. Pumping money into elite schools for privileged minorities will not improve our faltering economy. It will only add to the inequality that currently prevails and make it even worse. All of our children are equally valuable human beings, regardless of all differences, and every single one of them, without exception, should be equally supported and afforded the best education possible to develop their individual abilities to their fullest potential.
Every system lives from the notion that the individual places his abilities at the disposal of society in order to fulfill necessary tasks and thus acts in the spirit of common well-being. Bearing this in mind, no system should ever be misused by individuals or a privileged minority to amass private wealth and personal power. Furthermore, every individual has the natural right and responsibility to work for his livelihood and develop his potential as a human being. Consequently, every individual should be equally supported in his efforts to acquire meaningful work where he can apply and develop his individual abilities for the benefit of all. Only then can our system truly develop and grow into a strong and prosperous society, where all human needs are equally fulfilled, all human rights are equally respected, and all human beings draw equal benefits for equal efforts from the fruits of their common labor. This vision is not an illusion. It is an achievable dream rooted in logic that can be realized with the necessary wisdom, self-determination and hard work.
In 1962, a group of students in Port Huron, Michigan had a similar vision and took it upon themselves to draw up an agenda for their generation to work towards its realization. In a statement they wrote, formulating their goals, known as the Port Huron Statement, they envisioned a system that «would replace power rooted in possession, privilege, or circumstance by power and uniqueness rooted in love, reflectiveness, reason, and creativity» (see