Application form Voluntary Work at SSSC

In order to plan your stay at SSSC and to enable a coordination with us, please fill in the following form (your submitted data won't be shared with third parties). We kindly ask for registration as soon as possible. If you decide on short notice (2-3 days), please contact us first by phone (FIGU-SSSC 052 385 13 10).

Personal data

It is important that we are able to reach you by telephone to schedule your stay.

If you are a FIGU passive member please provide your membership number.

Please select the language we can use to communicate with you during your stay.


Work will take place mainly in the garden, around the area and house. Please bring weatherproof clothes and solid shoes as well as rain shield and maybe sun block.

Please fill in when you would like to start work at SSSC. During the winter months (December-March) it is not possible to sign up for voluntary work at SSSC. Please note the longest period you can stay is three weeks.

Please fill in your last working day at SSSC.

Working at FIGU's center is very challenging and multifaceted. If you are health-impaired and therefore not able to handle certain work, please let us know so we can adjust the work schedule. You can provide some details in the comment field below.

We do not offer any accommodation facilities at the center. However, you may bring your own tent and use our camp site. Otherwise, please organize yourself hotels nearby.

For campers (who bring their own tent) there is a free breakfast per work day that is served. For lunch and dinner there is a service charge of CHF 10.00

I have a valid International Insurance including accident and illness, valid for Switzerland, and will provide my insurance policy prior to start of work.


In order to provide more details about your stay at SSSC please use the comments box above.

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